Symbol DRNG
Company Name Drone Guarder Inc
Listed On OTCBB

"Predicting the stock market is really predicting how other investors will change estimates they are now making with all their best efforts. This means that, for a market forecaster to be right, the consensus of all others must be wrong and the forecaster must determine in which direction-up or down-the market will be moved by changes in the consensus of those same active investors."
-Burton G. Malkiel

Here's another random stock generator with a database of all publicly traded over-the-counter stocks! You'll find a lot of penny stocks in here! The randomly generated OTC stocks are retrieved from a large, regularly updated database (~12k) of all publicly traded OTC stocks in the United States and abroad. We also included a fun quote for your amusement.

We do not advocate that you invest money into randomly selected securities! This page was made to give people access to a random stock generator, and for general entertainment.